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aww... its not available for windows ;w;

Hi, can you tell me exactly what the problem is? This game should work just fine on Windows. I hope I can help.

(If you mean that it's not indicated on itch, I forgot to check the box that says Windows... Just fixed that.)

yeah, it was that, thanks! ill check it out if it works now

i really like the game and the background art so i decided to do a fanart speedpaint bc why not. its kinda bad but i did it in under an hour

Hey, this is cool! Thank you :3 Reminds me of the sketches I made for the maps.

Thank you! And no problem, my dude.

I was excited to play the game but its not suitable for windows.. ;-;

What do you mean? It is for Windows (not for other OS, sadly). Is there a problem that is preventing you from running it?

Maybe it is a problem with my computer. Either way i support this game. I love the artstyle

Aww, thank you! <3 Let me know if I can help sort it out, it should work on Windows. There are a few let's plays as well if you'd like to watch it.

i have the same problem, it says its not available for windows

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish once it comes out. If you do not mind, of course. <3

Hi Mel! I am very flattered that you want to translate it, of course you can! <3
You can also contact me if you need to discuss how to better translate certain things. (Can't help with Spanish itself, though, since I don't speak it. But that makes it especially cool to have a translation.)

hell yeah

really great game..a bit confusing at the end but can't wait for the full version

Это было идеально! Рисовка персонажей потрясающая, сюжет интригующий .. что еще сказать? это шедевыр :D
очень жду продолженияя. вдохновения вам, автор1!
( концовка демо с грибочками топ ) п.с. Хотела спросить, в конце, когда гг оббеденилась с теми двумя парнями, почему их не видно? сори за тупые вопросы

Спасиииибо, рад стараться с:
Насчёт исчезновения парней - во многих пиксельных играх так делают, чтобы не париться с программированием "гусеницы" из людей. Плюс эстетические причины.

Love this art style and the fact that it's pixel! Makes everything better in my opinion, can't wait for the full version. ;D

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This demo was super cool and aesthetically pleasing. Good job, Magnus!!! Love it & congrats!!!